The team.

Charlee Jeunehomme (25) - Laurent Wéry (48) - Thomas Castro (25)

Charlee Jeunehomme (25) – Laurent Wéry (48) – Thomas Castro (25)

Charlee: Intuitive; he’s a visionary guy; extremely easy to work with; and has several months of experience in China in the field of market study. Strongly experienced in Web-marketing stuff, previously worked as a consultant for the « very popular Search Engine with the white background », and author of several buzz on internet.

Thomas: An idea ‘machine’; our pillar. He is THE ONE who built our team. Thomas was only 23 when he founded his own digital agency. Photographer in his spare time, he met Laurent on Tender2, when he was finishing his bachelor degree in web development.

Laurent: Charismatic; entrepreneur; orchestra director. At 23 years of age, he launched his company with a capital of only 3,000 euros (just like Slidenjoy). 5 years later, he still owned 100% of its shares, and the company employed more than 800 people. His customers were Chanel, Hermès, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Thierry Mugler, etc. What matters the most to him: family and business.

We met 3 years ago on the “Tender2” project. Working together turned out to be such a pleasurable experience that we further decided to create Slidenjoy together as a way to share our entrepreneurial spirit. Laurent is the father of five children, two of whom are studying in the USA. While those two children plan to remain there, his wish is to divide his professional life with Charlee and Thomas between Europe and the USA.

TV shows and videos.

French national TV : France2

First conference – Charleroi, Belgium.

China High Tech Fair with Belgian Ministers – China & Taiwan 2015

Meet up with TKBAY backer / reviewer @ Mobile World Congress, Barcelona

Where it all begun.

It was through working on “The Hotel Tender 2” that we met our European interlocutors. Three years later, more than 20 projects were born, 2 of which enjoyed tremendous international success. The Hotel Tender 2 is the first ever ephemeral hotel that features a sauna, hammam (Turkish bath house), swimming pool, jacuzzi, panoramic room, a restaurant that allows cooking in front of guests in improbable places, and more than $3 million pieces works of art on display. 400 articles in the international press later, the credibility they built allowed us to embark on the second journey which we now know is Slidenjoy.


Complementary, consistent, and balanced. That’s how we would describe ourselves as a team. In preparation for our campaign on Kickstarter, we made the decision for Thomas and Charlee to go live at Laurent’s home for 3 months. In this period, we have been sharing 100% of our time together, working as a team tirelessly, enjoying plenty of laughter, and of course, running into some inevitable conflicts — which we were able to work through thanks to the consistency of our vision. Today, the team came out of it even stronger. We now do other things together as well, like playing sports, performing leisure activities, and travelling.

Charlee, Laurent and Thomas raised $600K+ in a single month during their Kickstarter campaign, due to 1000+ press articles all around the world. At that time, pre-orders have reached the $2M mark, and more than 380 distributors have spontaneously shown their huge interest in distributing the product.

IOL : Our design team.

iol Strategic Design, an industrial design agency, has been providing product and service development services to Belgium and the international market for 15 years. The team’s approach to both technology and design, coupled with experience in multiple sectors, is what drives each project for the duration of its development cycle. This creative process, purposefully guided by the creation of value added and the optimisation of costs, is demonstrated by numerous success stories.

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