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Available in 9 colors
9 colors

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Available in 5 materials

5 finishes

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Available in 2 materials

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This Slide, our performance, for your compactness.

Once your additional screens slided, simply turn them up to 180° to share what you see with people seating around the table. From now, you can share to 1 single person, 2, 3, or even 10 people at the same time. Your way of work is going to change.

In community, easier than an overhead projector.

At work, at home, wherever you want, Slidenjoy improves your visibility. From now, no more excuses to be selfish.

Slidenjoy, where high quality and durability are a must.

Because quality and sustainability are our identity. Slidenjoy will be your partner for a long time. No matter your next laptop size, Slidenjoy will perfectly fit!

Windows and...

Slidenjoy has been designed to work on both platforms.

... Mac compatible.

No matter which.

Thin, light and robust.



We selected the finest slabs without compromising the full HD quality and lightest components while considering the robustness of the accessor.



Raw materials were specifically selected without affecting the sturdiness of the accessory.



Freestanding, its weight and dimensions have been reduced to their maximum.

Available in 13″, 15″ and 17″

Slidenjoy perfectly matches your favorite work tool. It is available in 3 sizes : 13″, 15″ and 17″ for the launching. Some others are coming soon.


Single USB-C or USB 3.0

A single USB 3.0 or C, both are in the box. Light, directional, ultra-thin and customizable: Slidenjoy is all at the same time!

Full HD.

Enjoy the full high-definition experience and increase your productivity with crystal clear images. Take full advantage of the very best quality when you’re watching videos, working on spreadsheets or having a video chat with your friends.

The best worktool needs your best finishing.

Slidenjoy isn’t only a multitude of colours, it’s also a large range of textures different from everyday life accessories. We wanted it to be nice, clean and beautiful, it’s really that simple.

120 Pixels SPRL

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